Community Blood Services of Illinois (CBSI) was organized in 1972 to supply life-saving blood needed by critically ill and injured people. A fundamental intent was to assure area patients of the availability of adequate blood supplies derived solely from donations made by altruistic, volunteer donors. Established as a service division of Regional Health Resource Center, an Illinois Not-For-Profit corporation operated exclusively for charitable purposes, formation of the blood center was achieved with the noteworthy support and assistance of the Champaign County Medical Society and a financial grant for the State of Illinois. In 2011, CBSI merged with Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC). MVRBC is based in Davenport, Iowa and serves a total of 80 hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. (For more information, see the "About Us" section on the MVRBC web site,


In the decades since its formation, primary activities of the blood center have continued to be the collection, preparation, testing and distribution of donated blood products for transfusion to patients. This remains the case following its 2011 merger with MVRBC. CBSI now forms the Eastern Division of MVRBC and continues to supply all voluntarily donated blood used by patients at the community hospitals in Champaign-Urbana, Charleston-Mattoon, Danville and Effingham, Illinois.

With strong support from area residents, and students at the University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University, the blood center also sustains a long history of sharing blood to help meet patient needs elsewhere across the United States. The Chicago area, where many of the students attending area universities have permanent residence, is a particular focus for blood sharing. With blood products being short-lived, ample area supplies assure the continuous availability of blood to meet both routine and emergency needs of patients at area hospitals.

In additional to its core services of supplying transfusible blood products, the blood center also provides a number of specialty services that support area health care professionals in the treatment of patients with blood-related diseases:

  • Laboratory Testing Services (infectious disease testing for regional organ banks and for patient diagnosis)
  • Bone Marrow Services (recruitment, registration, counseling and work-up of volunteer bone marrow donors)
  • Continuing Education on Blood Issues (for area health care professionals)
  • Autologous Blood Collection and Processing (storing one's own blood prior to a scheduled surgery)

Licensure, Accreditation, Affiliations

Community Blood Services of Illinois is licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, is an authorized donor center for the National Marrow Donor Program, and is CLIA certified for laboratory activities.

Community Blood Services of Illinois is a member of America's Blood Centers, the network of federally-licensed and locally governed blood centers that supply one-half of all voluntarily donated blood nationally.


Community Blood Services of Illinois is a division of Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center. Organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, MVRBC is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that includes proportionate representation from the region of east-central Illinois served by Community Blood Services of Illinois.

Because the blood center's ability to fulfill its mission depends upon community support and cooperation, a Regional Blood Center Committee representing blood donors, served hospitals, patients and the community-at-large oversees all blood center operations and serves in an advisory role on policies appropriate for the blood center.


Service fees charged to hospitals and other health care providers are the blood center's primary source of funding. The service fees are set to adequately recover the blood center's costs for trained personnel, supplies, equipment, testing reagents, building facilities and other operating resources. No charge is made for donated blood itself, only for the cost of delivering services. The blood center's service fees are typically covered by health insurance programs.

NOTE: Some areas of the United States still require blood transfusion patients to either recruit donors to replace blood received, or to pay fees to have it replaced. This system of "replacement fees and replacement credits" is prohibited by Illinois law. Blood supplies in our state are based solely on blood donations by altruistic volunteers.

The Need for Volunteer Blood Donors

Each year, thousands of patients here in east central Illinois--and approximately four million patients in our nation-- need blood transfusions. There are as yet no effective substitutes for human blood... healthy volunteers are the only source of the life-saving gift of blood.

Blood Donation Is Safe:

  • A single-use sterile needle is used for each donation and then destroyed
  • The human body readily compensates for the donated blood volume
  • Donated blood is naturally replaced in one's body within a matter of weeks.

Blood Donation Is Convenient:

  • The complete process takes approximately 45 minutes (with the actual blood collection lasting 5-10 minutes);
  • Area blood donation sites (detailed below) are open early mornings, evenings, and on Saturday ... in addition to regular daytime hours.
  • Blood drives are regularly held with numerous employment, educational, religious and community organizations throughout the blood center's service area.

If you are in good health and interested in becoming a blood donor, we encourage you to contact us at 217-367-2202 or 800-217-GIVE (4483). Your donation will help save the lives of the patients we serve.

Hospitals Served

As a division of Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, Community Blood Services of Illinois supplies all donated blood used to treat patients at the following hospitals:

Champaign-Urbana: - Carle Foundation Hospital
- Provena Covenant Medical Center
Charleston-Mattoon: - Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
Danville: - Provena United Samaritans Medical Center
Effingham: - St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital

Blood Donation Sites

Community Blood Services of Illinois operates several convienent Blood Donation Centers in Central Illinois. If you would like to see our locations and hours, please look at our Blood Donation Center Information.

 Mobile Blood Drives --
Opportunities to donate blood are also regularly available at worksites, places of worship, retail sites, schools and other area locations. Call one of the above numbers for dates and times of mobile blood drives near you or visit To explore sponsoring a blood drive (generally for 20 or more committed donors), call 217-367-2202.

Community Blood Services of Illinois
Regional Health Resource Center
1408 University Avenue
Urbana, Illinois 61801-2341
217-367-2202 FAX: 217-367-6403
800-217-GIVE (4483)

Community Blood Services of Illinois is a proud member of America's Blood Centers


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